Server and Discord Rules:

1. General Rules
1.  Be honest and respectful to Moderators and Admins at all times.2. No Real money transactions for any reason.3. Do not use Cheats, Cheat Programs, Bugs, Exploits, Broken Mod Mechanics or admin powers to gain unfair advantages. (Dose not include Owner approved testing)4. No Inappropriate Discord, Character, Tame or Tribe Names. (Inappropriate as defined at the discretion of the owner)5. No Inappropriate, Sexually Explicit, Racist, Discriminative or Threatening behavior. (Illegal Conduct will be reported to police with your Steam ID and IP address)6. Do not publish admin commands or spawn codes as this may cause confusion and/or suspicion of cheating. (Dose not apply to admins)7. Do not block access to Explorer Notes, Artifacts, Obelisks, City Terminals, Mission Terminals, Rich Resource Nodes, and Boss fight areas (Titan Spawn, Tek Cave, etc)8. Do not build in a way that might block the spawning of  Dams, Egg Nests in known spawning area's.9. Do Not Leave Desert, Ice or Forest Titans out when not in use, they will heal in the soul terminal.10. No unauthorized advertising of other Communities, Clusters or Discord servers.11. Do not Grief people on the cluster! (Mutually agreed Practical Jokes are fine as long as server performance is not adversely effected)12. Each tribe is responsible for collecting their lost tames, Cleaning up their structures, Tames and Taming Traps after use and demolishing abandoned bases.13. Wandering Tames must be confined with a tether or fence.14. Tribe membership on any map, is considered membership of that tribe on all maps regardless of Tribe Names.15. Report any Broken Mod Mechanics that could be potentially abused to gain an unfair advantage to admins **PRIVATELY **.

2. Events: 

Anyone can host organized in-game events (Boss fights, Missions, Group Holiday Hunts, RP, etc)
1. If you host an event it is your responsibly to be a fair and honest host. 2. If event details change all invited parties should be notified with plenty of warning.3. The host must act on and report any violation of server rules as soon as possible.4. No Dishonorable conduct.5. Loot is the property of those responsible for collecting the summoning requirements unless otherwise stated by the organizer and agreed on by all parties in advance.

3: Breeding Lines

1. Super breeding lines should not be shared under any circumstances.2. Do not leave Tames breeding in the open.3. No Use of Automatic Egg Collectors to steal other peoples breeding lines.

4. Lost Items and or Tames:

1. Lost Items and or tames will not be located or replaced by the admins.2. Missing loot from boss fights will not be replaced by the admins.3. Always log out either on a bed or in a Tek Pod to avoid death while offline.
Don't carry anything you can not afford to replace.Blueprint all your items and saddles.Have a breeding pair at home for every Tame your holding or use clones once your high enough.Make use of the SS Loadout Mannequin to store your items before you log out. You can even attach a fridge so your med brews and food dont spoil.Put transponder nodes on your tames before going into battle incase you get dismounted.Having your mount on Neutral while in combat situations so it can defend itself until you return can **sometimes **be a good idea.

5. Communication

1. Do not spam Game or Discord channels.2. English only in global/voice chat.3. Swearing is tolerated, but only up to a point.4. No NSFW content.

6. Bases

1. Each Tribe may have one large scale main base on the cluster as long as it dose not adversely effect server performance.2. Smaller outposts across the cluster are permitted.3. Locations with Gacha or more than 30 Crop Plots are automatically considered large scale.4. A maximum of 24 Gacha are permitted per tribe on the cluster. (1 of every possible resource)5. No build Spamming, 1 Tree for sap per tribe, 1 Oil Deric Per Tribe.6. No Building within an established base territory of 100 foundation's unless you have permission of the established base AND both parties have informed the Admin. *
  (*admin response is not required)

Explanation of Tribes.

At the moment the system is set so that each map is independent.This means you can have different tribe names and the 60 tame cap on each map for a total of 480 over the cluster.
Despite different tribe names, I consider each group of players remain the same group across all maps.
For example:Player 1 in Tribe A on the first Map and Tribe B on a second map.Tribe A has a Large Scale Main Base on the first map there for Tribe B can NOT have another Large Scale Main Base.
The only exception is Temporarily joining another tribe for a boss fight.
Report Players breaking any rules to admins, with screenshot or video evidence if possible!
Due to the dynamic nature of games servers, rules may be added or changed at any time without notice.It is not the responsibility of the Admin to warn or inform you of the rules. It is your responsibly to have read these rules and have an understanding of them.Breaking the rules may result in you and or your tribe being Kicked, Banned or Silenced either in Game, on Discord or Both.Use your common sense.

To make a report contact @Haidies in discord here