Server and Discord Rules:

  • Be Honest and Respectful to Moderators and Admins at all time.
  • Do not use Cheats, Cheat Programs, Bugs, Exploits or Broken Mod Mechanics to gain unfair advantages.
  • Do not paste item or tame spawn codes in chat. (This may cause confusion and/or suspicion of cheating)
  • Do not block access to Explorer Notes, Artifacts, Obelisks, City Terminals, Mission Terminals or Boss fight's or Boss Fight locations such as the Tek Cave.
  • Do not build in a way that might block the spawning of nests / eggs in known nesting area's.
  • Each Tribe may have one large scale main base on the cluster as long as it dose not adversely effect server performance.
  1. You may have other smaller outposts across the cluster.
  2. Bases with Gacha Pads or more than 30 Crop Plots are automatically considered large scale.
  • Do not build Multiple Tree Platforms just for collecting Sap. A single tree can hold between 4-8 Sap taps.
  • Each tribe is responsible for collecting their lost tames, Cleaning up Taming Traps after use and abandoned bases.
  • Do not build inappropriate canvas "art" in public.
  • No unauthorized advertising. This includes paid game services and other ark clusters.
  • Do not Grief people on the cluster! (Practical Jokes are fine as long as all parties consent and server performance is not adversely effected)
  • Wandering Tames must be confined with a tether or fence. Anything wandering freely will be deleted without warning.
  • If you Couldn't legally say it to a judge in court, don't say it in game or discord.
  • No Inappropriate Character or Tribe Names. (especially anything related to the harm of children in anyway)
  • Report any Broken Mod Mechanics that could be potentially abused to gain an unfair advantage to admins **PRIVATELY **.
  • Report Players breaking any rules to admins, with screenshot or video evidence, The First player to do so may receive a 50,000 Element reward!
Player Hosted Events: Anyone can host organized in-game events (Boss fights, Missions, Group Holiday Hunts, RP, etc) Just remember, If you do host an event it is your responsibly to be a fair and honest host. If event details change all invited parties should be notified with plenty of warning.The host must act on and report any violation of server rules as soon as possible.Dishonorable conduct is the highest form of Griefing.
Due to the dynamic nature of games servers, rules may be added or changed at any time without notice.It is not the responsibility of the Admin to warn or inform you of the rules. It is your responsibly to have read these rules and have an understanding of them.Breaking the rules may result in you and or your tribe being Kicked, Banned or Silenced either in Game, on Discord or Both.Use your common sense.