Server Information: Ark: Survival Evolved

Last Wiped 1-1-2023!

No Gamma commands
No Free Gen 2 SuitCant Tame Tek Stryders
SS Water Intake Pipes can be placed anywhere
SS Wind Turbines provide full power regardless of wind


5x Experience
1x Resource Gathering
2x Harvesting Health
5x Eggs Laying Interval
5x Pooping Interval
5x Crops Growth speed
15x Taming Speed
1/4x Breeding Interval

PVE Cluster Automation:
 -  Auto game save every 30 minutes. -  Check for any updates every 60 minutes. -  Do a full System backup every 6 hours. -  Daily Nest cleanup 12:00 am -  Daily Restart 4:30 am (Delete Decayed & Wild Wipe)
Max Levels:
Players: 105-190Wild: 150TEK Wild: 180Specials: 190 (Wyverns, Rock Drakes)Tamed Level Cap: 650
Decay Rates: -  Tames Decay = 32 days-  Structures Decay  = Thatch 16 Days / Wood 32 Days / Stone 48 Days / Greenhouse 60 Days / Metal 64 Days / Tek 80 Days
Genesis Mission Requirements

Gamma Boss = 15 CompletedBeta Boss = 30 CompetedAlpha Boss = 60 Completed

Gen 2 Mission Requirements

Genesis 2 Mission are no longer required for the Boss!
Mutagen Requirements have been lowered!
Required Mutagen for Gamma Boss = 6Required Mutagen for Beta Boss = 12Required Mutagen for Alpha Boss = 24 
Discord Server Ranks:
Survival Master: Ark and Discord Admin Staff.Survival Instructor: Server and or Discord Financial Backing Members. The best!Lifetime Survivalists: Players who  have earned a special place here forever.True Survivors: Active Members that have confirmed their in-game name.Casual Survivors: Starting Rank for all new Members in Discord.