Server Settings

5 x Experience Gain10 x Harvesting Amount15 x Taming Speed15 x Breeding Speed15 x Crop Growth15 x Baby Mature Speed15 x Egg Hatch Speed

Server Mods

Super Structure - 1999447172Death Inventory Keeper - 1837445660Dino Colourizer - 902616446Ultimate Stacks - 761535755Tribute Transfer - 2044129379Upgrade Station v1.8 - 821530042Bitou2k Binoculars - 1136125765Dino storage v2 - 1609138312Remove Cryopods - 1896198862Skinable Tek + Adv Tek Suit - 2810648906
HG Element Fix - 2508593144 (Genesis 2 Only)
Bosses - No Cooldown - 2129491852 (Extinction Only)

If you are playing on any of the Haidies Gaming servers and require admin assistance please join the Discord and @admin